I offer a warm, safe, accepting atmosphere where people come to address the issues that are troubling them. Using an innovative, well-researched therapeutic approach, we can often resolve these issues permanently in a matter of a few months or sometimes even weeks.

Compassion and empathy form the foundation of every successful therapeutic alliance. While the experience of profound empathy on its own likely won’t solve your problems, you may be startled at the relief and renewed sense of possibility it can offer. Once you feel understood and supported, we assess your readiness to change, set clear, focused goals, and get to work. Depending on your needs, we may use hands-on strategies, exercises, role-plays, and reading to address and re-orient specific thoughts, beliefs, habits or feelings that are not serving you. Together we create an approach that engages you fully, because ultimately it is your participation that will bring about the progress you want.

Far more quickly than many have come to expect from therapy, you may learn to see yourself in a different, more loving light—and find acceptance, peace, ease, and ultimately a sense of integration.

This empowers you to improve relationships, reduce stress, and navigate challenges quickly and effectively as you encounter them. As a result, you have more and more energy and joy for the life you are creating.

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